Iron and Gold (FeAu)

“GOLD!” he said, pick in hand
“The most precious thing in the land,
People’ll pay a grand a nugget!
I wish I could kiss and hug it.
Watches rings and jewellery too.
Is there nothing gold cannot do?”
He threw his head back with glee
Then laughed quite hysterically.
“Iron’s better” she exclaimed
“There I said it, not ashamed!
Easy to find, much less rare,
It’s so good it’s everywhere!
Tough and rough and versatile…”
He shook his head, she cracked a smile
“Have your iron, and it’s rust
Like I say, ‘in gold we trust’
Gold won’t ever tarnish
It doesn’t even need a varnish!”
“Build a house of gold” she said
“It’ll fall upon your head!
Gold is soft and weak and silly.
Who needs golden trinkets really?”
Now, he had a melting pot-
His gold was blisteringly hot,
When she leant o’er the pot too far
She dropped in an iron bar!
It sank into the golden ooze,
This I fear that was not good news…
First pouring molten goo into a mould,
They waited until it was cold.
After a time what was found,
A brand new metallic compound.
They both stood back astonished,
A perfect cast and finely polished.
Strong, tough and beauty ineffable
A bond of mettles incontestable.

Happy Valentines Day.


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