It’s Christmas Eve!

‘It’s Christmas eve, Eve’ said Adam to his paramour
Eve replied, ‘What ever are you talking about? How can you be sure?
‘I’m sure of it, you’ll see! Tomorrow’s something neat!’
‘Well I’ve put up with all this snow and hail and sleet’

He, with enormous vigour, ran to the nearest tree
And began attaching pine cones with incredible glee.
Seeing Eve’s expression, of bereft confusion,
Adam made an effort at Christmas time inclusion:

‘Don your Christmas Jumper!
‘Have some fresh mulled wine!’
‘Open up a present!’
‘A what?’
‘Put the cards up on the line!’

Eve was all asunder, ‘Adam, what’s this all about?’
‘It’s Christmas day tomorrow! Go’on have a sprout!’
‘That’s all very nice dear, but it doesn’t answer why?
‘Jesus came to earth this day so that man no more may die’

‘Jesus? Oh that’s God’s boy. Him from up the way?’
‘Yes! He’s coming for a visit, on this very day!’
‘Well when can we expect him; is he almost here?’
‘He should be along shortly now, just 6-odd thousand years’

‘Adam I’m glad you’re excited but isn’t this somewhat premature’
‘He’s coming, he’s coming! I can feel it, I’m sure!’
‘I do believe you darling there is no doubt of that,
I just do wish you would remove that stupid paper hat.’


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