It’s not like I don’t like the name ‘Andy’,
Its wonderful, great, quite fine and dandy;
Apart from perhaps when suffixed with ‘Pandy’,
Worse when prefixed with ‘Handy’.

I’m happy that it is a unisex name,
And I’m not saying that there is any shame
Sharing Andrea’s or Ariadne’s nickname,
That’s not the issue with which I have claim.

I mean it doesn’t really make sense
Andy, although four letters in length,
Has as many syllabbles, no greater verbal expense
Than ‘Andrew’ only longer by 33 percents.

All I’m saying is I prefer ‘Andrew’
I’m not trying to be loose a screw
But if it doesn’t mean a lot to you
Instead of ‘Andy’ use ‘Andrew’ in situ.

Please, I insist, don’t think of me,
As one of those who is uncontrollably
Brash, without patience and huffy
I’m just more of an Andrew than an Andy.


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