Mortal Meanderings

Helen launched a thousand ships,
You scoff and say ‘that all?’
Sure she got those men to Troy,
But to you they said, ‘we’ll crawl!’

Romeo, for Juliet, Tybalt and Paris slew
For you, to audience dismay-
He would not just kill himself and friends
But the whole dramatis personae.

Narcissus fixated on his reflection
Looks up at you, halting introspection
To comment, ‘NOW I gaze on sheer perfection’
He drowns instead in your rejection.

When sailors hear a sirens call,
They into stormy waters leap
Whereas your voice fills the dreams
Of softest sweetest deepest sleep.

My Ophelia, Desdemona, Cleo, Hero
Your Hamlet, Othello, Anthony, Leander.
May our love be of mythical proportion
But less flawed, be our mortal meander


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