Things I’ll never know

There are lots of things I don’t understand
Like why it’s a coat rack, but it’s a hat stand,
And why isn’t shep the plural of sheep?
And why certain stamps some people keep?

Why do we cook bacon, but we bake cookies?
And do walk-in carpet stores in fact sell wookies?
Why is ‘quite a few’ so different from ‘very few’
And what exactly is the difference between colour and hue?

Why do you ‘get on up’ just to ‘get down’?
When does a tiara become a crown?
Do all questions contain ‘who, what, when, where, how’ or ‘why’?
Or are there questions that do not comply?

Is the word ‘ incorrectly’ always spelt incorrectly?
Is the quickest way to go, to go directly?
Why is a group of geese is known as a gaggle?
Where do savvy people learn how to haggle?

I don’t know how to pay taxes,
Or how turtles make waxes,
There is plenty I am yet to be shown,
And some things that aren’t meant to be known.


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