Facebook that facial folio,
Visage fest of facial features
Facilitating fractious fracas.
Friends and family finally found,
Friends thought forfeited,
Foes thought forsaken,
Fortuitously fade into focus.
Fraternising with friends for the foreseeable future.

Events, edicts and epigraphs
Escalate to ecstasy,
Ordinarily everyday occurrences
Earn erroneous explanation-
Even eating is accreditation
For egotistic self affirmation.
Eagerly enter an echo enclosure
Of engagement, endorsement and accomplishment disclosure

I vivaciously volunteer a virtual venture,
That veers vehemently away from vigorous virality,
And venture we vie to avoid virtual avarice,
Avert from vein vulgarity and vampiric villainy,
Instead visit the visage collage with virtue,
Avoid vexation of various advocates of the social vertuality,
Be vicarious in exploration,
And advocate value in variety.


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