The drink, no doubt, with the utmost aplomb
Is this divine herbal phenomenon.
The alphabets twentieth letter,
When it comes to beverage, nothing’s better.

The golfers friend, the finest junction,
It performs an important social function
The best kind of shirt, it has it’s own time!
It fuels my head and makes me rhyme

Oh tea tea tea you are to me,
The thinkers greatest strategy
To simulate awake and living
There’s no substance more forgiving

Camomile, jasmine, fruity and green
Tea is for all: peon, pauper or queen.
Remember if you’re ever down on your luck,
There’s always the side of a cup you can suck.

Tea has a unifying power o’er man and nation
However you enjoy your morning creation
Milk, cream, sugar? One lump or two?
No other drink is ever worth offering you

If you have friendships you need to cement,
Be quick on the boil or you’ll only lament,
The time without a brew that you spent,
So sit back enjoy the drink heaven sent.

Dedicated to my Teapot



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