Hosanna to Hallelujah

Sunday a day he comes riding astride
The smallest of horses, absent of pride
Death welcomes him, e’en stones call his name
O’er palm branch and garment, such is his fame

He chases out heathens and turns over tables
This, the power of God he enables
He heals the sick and the lame and the blind
Come to him as children, put heart before mind

He is hungry in the morning, no fruit to be found
Despising the shade, his tree withers to the ground
Only by faith can we know him, love flows as a fountain
By faith can we know HIM, trust in him, move mountains.

They come and say: ‘Whose authority do you command?’
‘The same authority John the Baptist did demand’
Work for his glory as a child in his garden
Do not reject Him, for that there’s no pardon

Though ther’re many invited few are selected
All mankind is invited, not one is rejected
So give to Him, what is his, that’s what he said
There’ll be peace once in heaven, peace once you’re dead

Who is my neighbour, the one I should love?
Who knows the hour? Only he who’s above
Doesn’t stop them from plotting, scheming, conspiring
Judas accomplice, meaningless silver acquiring

He broke bread at a meal with his friends
Take this cup from me, is this how it ends
See how he hangs there, Hosanna long gone
Hallelujah’s not yet come, darkest night, brightest dawn.


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