The North Thames Railway

Let me tell you of my father’s hobby
And all the things it might embody
Don’t grab the wrong end of the stick
And if you are to judge, don’t be too quick
What he does is mostly hypothetical
And many may find it inaccessible
He has always loved the British railway
And expresses that in a special way,
He invites friends from near and far
And they conduct something quite bizarre,
Each standing in a different room
They listen to the rate and tune
Of different ringing dinging bells
And then try and work out what the hells
Going on inside the mind
Of the next guy down the line
Who sent them that imaginary train
And then they send it off again
Though I can’t claim to know, what’s going on
I can see he’s having fun
And if that’s what fills his heart with glee
Well then that’s okay with me.


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