A boy called Bobbie threw my shoes off a bridge.
I had to climb down to get them, o’er bump, rock n’ ridge.
T’was only a small bridge, I must admit –
But a bridge nonetheless, that pitiless shit.
I slipped on a stone’n cut a gash in my hand,
That malice filled asshole, he’d had all this planned.
Blood of mine ran-red into the brook,
Him, laughing, heckling, I didn’t dare look.
Stumblin’ I got t’where my shoes sat,
That’s when I heard and felt he had spat
A warm wet gross liquid dripped over my cheek
That bastard Bobbie, thought me a freak.
The red mist descended, I screamed as I stood
Water up to my knees being as man as I could.
He kicked dirt off the ledge and set off on his bike,
Left me alone there, alone in the dyke.

Where is that fat sack, that wank stain dick head
I’d have no remorse if ‘e were dyin’ or dead.
He taught me a lesson, that ‘so-called-friend’,
Never try to impress, just be you; don’t pretend.


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