I am bored of superheroes
On TV and in the movies
Flying round and being groovy,
You give them 5 stars, I give them zeros.

You can do everything! You’ve lost your touch,
Where is Joe Bloggs? His pain and strife
You’ve had it all all of your life.
‘nother orphan, could’ve guessed as much.

Superman, Spiderman, they’re all the same
Fighting crime, or so they say
Crime’s been committed, must someone pay?
Not very many women, that is a shame.

I’d rather hear about, someone who’s pants aren’t out
Say something about society
Something relevant to you and me
Must everything you say, you shout?

Instead of tackling tremendous odds
An entire planet that’s in danger,
How about a man, a stranger
That simply looks and smiles and nods?

There is so much: science, religion, conscience.
Yet we’re hung up on capes and tights
The iron man, hulk and the dark knight
How much do I have to put up of this nonsense?


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